Role Of Customs Agent

customs agent

Global trade is the backbone of the world economy. The global trade is running with the help of movement or group from one place to another. Nowadays a product can be made in a different part of the world and can be sold in another part with the help of a global logistic network. The global logistic network is primarily dependent upon sea freight. The majority of the global trade logistic is dependent on oceans.

When one sea vessel departs from one country and reaches its destination port in another country.  There are sets of documentation and import/Export regulations that will be applied to the shipments.  Every exporting and importing country have a different set of laws and regulation for the shipments arriving and departing their country. Every country has their customs department to evaluate all such shipments that are coming or leaving the country.  The customs documentation and regulation are a bit complex depending upon the country’s law.

To facilitate the people the customs agents, provide their services, that helps their client further smooth shipment. The customs agents can perform various roles depending upon the client’s need but the primary job of the customs agents are as follows

Customs clearance

Whether the shipment is arriving or departing the country, the process of customs clearance needs to be completed. In customs clearance, there are certain sets of documents that are needed as per compliance with the country’s laws.  The customs agent ensured that all the required documents are in place and according to the law.  They help their client to know about the required documents and also help them to prepare these documents that are according to the customs law. For any business, if their shipments have not complied with the customs laws, they will be unable to ship from their home country and it will not be accepted by their destination port or country.

Arrangement of transportation

The prime job of the customs agent is to prepare the documents that can comply with the customs laws during the customs clearance.  But many customs agents also provide the facilities to their clients in booking their shipments, With sea freight shipping companies or airlines. Even they can also help their client with inland transportation in form of trucks or railways.

Clients’ representative

The customs agent works as the client representative add departing or arrival port. The clients issue the power of attorney for the customs clearing of the shipment to their customs agent.  And the customs agent is working on their clients’ behalf and ensuring that their shipment gets released in time because in case of any delay there will be hefty port charges and container damages.  The efficient customs agent ensures that there shouldn’t be any efficient customs agent ensured that there shouldn’t be any extra cost due to delay the process.