pure borax

Be it students, office going individuals or anyone the cleanliness and tidiness of clothes matter. As the saying goes first impression is the last impression. So if you are going for an interview or it is your first day at school or your job, you need to ensure that your clothes are clean and are in best form. There has been an ongoing debate as to whether the powder or liquid detergent is good for washing of clothes, the answer to this question is not definite as both the powder and liquid detergent contain pros and cons and how it is to be used.

Let’s start off with the powder detergent which contains pure borax that is used for cleaning of household items as well. The advantage of powder detergent has pure borax in it and as it is a powder it is less messy to use as when you are adding it in the washing machine as it will not spill everywhere as will be easily put in the required space. Additionally the advantage of pure borax is that it is cheaper than the liquid detergents and even if you are washing heaps of clothes, the amount of powder can be added without stressing over its price. It is affordable and pocket friendly for everyone. The packaging of powder detergent is in a way that is easy to placed on the shelf or any place in your house as there is no worry that it might leak and sits straight in the corner where you will put it. Not only this the  powder detergent has pure borax in it that helps clean the dirty clothes by making them clean and new as they were before.

On the contrary the powder detergent/pure borax do have drawbacks as well. The first is that the powder needs to be dissolved in the water or it might leave a stain on the clothes hence it is more time consuming and requires extra effort. Also it needs to be ensured that the powder remains dry and does not get wet.

The other type of detergent is the liquid one and the benefits of it are mentioned as follows, first is that the packaging can be quite helpful for the use as the cap of it allows for an easy measuring without the need of any other item. Further it helps for the clothes that are to be hand washed and similarly like powder detergent it can be used for greasy spots that will be cleaned in no time. However the disadvantage of this product is that it can be quite messy and might leak from the package causing more trouble for you. Also they are tend to be more heavy than the powder detergent.

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