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house and land packages Northern Suburbs

Is it safe to say that you’re considering new home options and curious about your construction costs?

Do you have a contender quotation and might want to get a no-obligation fixed-cost statement and siting from Bentley homes quality builder Melbourne as an examination?

Bentley Homes’ master group can provide you with a proper cost statement and location conveyed directly to your inbox! Simply provide house and land packages with the location of your block of land, and our experts will produce a customised fixed cost statement and siting within 2 business days.

Bentley homes quality builder could be portrayed as both a “volume” and a “store” inventor in one system. To put it simply, we carefully control the number of homes we build each time to deal with the nature of development while still having enough volume to ensure we have the fashionable purchasing power and critical arrangements set up with our suppliers.


We understand that building your dream home is the most important investment you and your family will make, so our team is committed to ensuring that you find the home that is an ideal fit for your way of life.

Our modern compass of homes means to fulfil all your needs by combining smart planning with regular convenience. Our home plan features, house and land packages Northern Suburbs which are always conveyed with a bit of style, include generously measured apartments, smaller kitchens, open abiding regions, and stacks of redundant room.


Quality builder for homes with driving plan highlights for more than 13 times

Unparalleled design

We place a high value on fastening on the design of our homes, and our conscientiousness recognises us.

Exceptional quality construction

We face lower challenges, such as low-cost accoutrements and certified design for superior form quality.

Outstanding service

Throughout your entire form adventure, we provide customised administration with dedicated and educated staff.

Award-winning new home building

All of these houses were inspired by conversations with our guests and asking them specifically what they needed. We also work with our itineraries to produce quality builder homes that are magazine worthy, but are also honoured by our home advancement cohorts and have fulfilled the most notable homage by being named Winner in the HIA and MBAV Display Home Awards.

Bentley Homes understands that no two families have the same circumstances, so our friendly team can assist you with differences and options to ensure house and land packages you’re completely satisfied with the finished product, which is after the completion of your dream home!

We also provide as part of our reach, administration, and obligation to you.

  • A fixed cost for each point.
  • Our home plans have been updated.
  • Estimating in the foreground.

We have covered every inch of Melbourne with packets of house on land.