Finding The Best Chinese Restaurant

 chinese restaurant

You’ll get a yearning for Chinese food from time to time. For the best Chinese food, you don’t have to look beyond a few select establishments in your neighborhood. Finding an authentic Chinese restaurant might be difficult, but our guide will help you get started.

Here are some guidelines to help you find a true chinese restaurant in Melbourne.

  1. The atmosphere of the restaurant

The first thing to look for while visiting a restaurant for the first time is the ambiance. Restaurants that claim to be authentic Chinese eateries are typically decorated in red or gold.

Some Chinese restaurants could have the same red or gold color schemes, but you’ll notice that they lack a shrine. That’s how most restaurant owners set up their establishment to cater to patrons of various religious persuasions.

Traditional Chinese people, on the other hand, tend to be more outspoken about their religious beliefs. Indeed, the shrine you typically see around Chinese restaurants is dedicated to the god of riches, the guardian god of countless Chinese businessmen.

  1. The teapots

The way they offer their tea is the next item you should look into. Tea is considered a digestive aid and a fat burner by the Chinese. When it comes to eating, tea is a must for them.

Teapots made of earthenware or stone, on the other hand, are more expensive and more prone to breakage. Metal and ceramic teapots as well as ceramic teacups are frequently used in authentic Chinese restaurants since they are sturdy and easy to clean, ensuring that the money spent is well spent.

  1. Food serving

In comparison to most restaurants, a chinese restaurant melbourne cbd has one major difference: Lazy Susan and family-style dining are hallmarks of a true Chinese restaurant. Families frequently gather to have a meal in the Chinese culture. A Chinese family eats together rather than dividing up the food amongst themselves. They are able to eat a wide variety of foods thanks to this eating custom.

Authenticity can only be guaranteed if the restaurant you’re at serves dishes in this style. It’s a big step away from Chinese’s communal eating culture if you don’t follow the family method of serving.

  1. Fish serving style

Try a fish dish if you wish to double-check the legitimacy of the eatery. If you can, order a sea bass, one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Chinese restaurants are known for serving fish meals that include the fish’s head still attached. It’s unusual to see restaurants employing this type of cuisine.

Dead fish terrifies the majority of the population. Why do they never serve the whole fish as a starter? Filleting fish, on the other hand, results in a lot of wasted food for the most fine dining chinese restaurant owners. The delicate cheeks & crunchy skin of a whole fish are absent from a fillet.


To choose an authentic Chinese restaurant, use this method to limit down your options. Your authentic Chinese experience will be enhanced by dining at a restaurant that earns at least a 4 out of 4.