Hire Traffic Infringement Lawyer To Clear Your Charges


There are a lot of people who follow traffic rules and someday they get into a traffic offense. Even if the offense is not that big it can be a very stressful experience. You should understand what should be done at the right time. Government has strict traffic rules and the person has to face penalties according to the seriousness of an offense. If you are stuck in any such situation you can directly contact traffic infringement lawyers in sydney. When having professional help it is easy to get out of this situation. It is important to tell the lawyer about everything and they will guide you on what to do. The best thing is that they can help with minimizing the penalty even in serious cases. Sometimes your license is suspended and they will let you know how to get it back. In case you are arrested, they can arrange for bail.

Drink and drug charges

According to the rules set by Government, a person cannot drive under the influence of drugs. You cannot drink and drive away anytime you like. It can cause serious accidents that can be life threatening for others too. If you are driving a car and cause an accident, police will arrest you on the spot. You can be charged if you consume cannabis, cocaine, or any other drug. When the amount of drugs or alcohol is found in your body there is no way out. In this tough situation, you can rely on a AVO lawyer in Fairfield. These lawyers have enough knowledge and will deal with your case with full attention. The person may have to go through a urine or blood test. It will determine the amount of drug or alcohol consumed at a certain time. If the amount of drug or alcohol is high the police will immediately charge you. It doesn’t matter if it is consumed much before the accident.

Other Traffic charges

Fast and dangerous driving can lead to accidents. The penalty or fine of this charge is around $2,200. If the offense is serious it can lead you to prison for about nine months. It is important to drive safely as your and others’ lives depend on it. In case of an accident, the police will suspend your license for 12 months or so. You are allowed to drive at a certain speed and if you exceed the limit you will be charged. While driving around the shopping area or a school zone you need to keep the speed limit in mind. If your case is taken to court and your lawyer cannot defend it, it can lead to serious charges. The lawyer will understand how important it is to save you.